Monday, 5 July 2010

My brilliant day at butterfly world:

These ants walk along the rope above our heads I don't know why they don't fall down on top of us!
One of the beautiful see through butterflies.
This one loved these flowers and stayed on them most of the time.
I wonder which of the beauiful buterflies this interesting beastie will turn into?
It is almost impossible to get these beauties to stay still with their wings open, shut they are brown.
This is an interesting stick insect.
I thought this butterfly moving made an interesting photo and you can see a millipede aswell.
Just one of the many beautiful butterflies at butterfly world.


I didn't find this lovely one until I was just leaving.

If you are interested you can see more of my photos from this day at:


  1. What a wonderful set of photos, you must have been very patient to cach all these insects in these positions. I specially like the two ants who seem to be both carrying the chunk of leaf.

  2. Thankyou. Patient yes but it is not chore I could spend days taking these photos what an amazing world we have. B-)