Sunday, 30 August 2009

Find the bumble bee!

I was looking at a slug on a toadstool when I turned round and found this lovely wee snail behind me.

I liked this interesting, different butterfly view.

There was a huge growth and layers of this fungi all round a big tree I just zoomed in on a small bit of it.

Brambles don't just taste nice their flowers are actually really pretty aswell.


  1. passei por este blog casualmente e fiquei encantado ............... belas fotos ............. parabéns

  2. Well I wasn't quite sure if that was Spanish or Portugese or something else but I got it roughly translated and thank you B-)

  3. Keep posting the butterflies they are beautiful

  4. Thank you I love the butterflies too but it's time for the colder photos now, soon to be Autumn, the toadstools have arrived.