Sunday, 15 April 2012

Australia 2012

And another load of photos from my amazing holiday.  B-)

A kookaburra.

Flying fox.

The Austalian moon!



  1. What a wonderful collection of wildlife photos from Australia.

  2. thank you. It is a wonderful and amazing place. B-)

  3. The KookaBurra was my all time favourite bird in Australia! They would laugh every morning in the trees across from my home in Bondi. I wanted to create a Kookaburra alarm clock (stuffed animal) when the Olympic games were hosted in Sydney.
    I did get to feed bacon to one while I was camping. It promptly took my thumb in it's plier-like grip and then proceeded to thrash the bacon rasher as if to kill it. What a great bird!!
    I will return one day, at least for a game of lawn bowls in Bondi!
    Thanks Blanche, great pictures!!

  4. He was lovely, I was very glad that my brother Duncan found him for me. It reminded me slightly of a big version of a kingfisher especially when I zoomed in and saw the wee patch of silvery blue on the wing.

    I was just reading that the kookaburra is in the kingfisher family and that Australia has lots of differnent kinds of kingfishers. I will just HAVE to go back again!! B-)